Residential Insulation


Energy prices in North America came into sharp focus in the mid 1970's when the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) instituted an oil embargo, greatly reducing production and availability of petroleum products.After World War II, North America had become overly reliant on high quality cheap crude oil from the OPEC nations, and we l...

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A Dry Subject - All About Humidifiers


Winter air in Canada can be very dry, especially for those people who live away from coastal areas.  Colder air is simply incapable of holding as much moisture as warmer air.  Depending somewhat on the way you heat your home, this low humidity can cause problems for people and items within the home.  We are going to discuss those pro...

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The Heat Is On

House air flow

Your home heat is probably on while you are reading this; living in Canada and given the time of year.We experience full-blown winters in this country and having some way to heat our homes is essential for survival.  We are going to explore the most common types of fuel-burning heating appliances, how they work, and their typical maintenance r...

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Radon Awareness


I was explaining to my neighbour that November is Radon Awareness Month. "We should do our part in aiding this good cause and maybe help to save some lives." "What is Radon?" he asked. That's the question I most often get when people first hear the word "Radon". When you have finished reading this article you will understand what Radon is, where it...

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Your Foundation – From the Ground Up


All things, metaphorically and literally, need a strong foundation to create a stable environment.In this article, we are talking about the literal type of foundations; those that hold up buildings, and in particular, homes. We will focus mainly on poured concrete foundations in homes that have a basement, as this is by far the most common type. It...

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The Roof Over Your Head


When we speak of the necessities of life, food and water come first. Shelter is next. My father used to say, "Be grateful for the food on the table and the roof over your head". Virtually every form of human shelter involves a roof of some kind. We are going to explore the subject of roofs as they relate to modern residential homes; the various sty...

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Learn More ... Domestic Hot Water Heaters


Some of the questions your property insurance company is likely to ask you pertain to how the domestic hot water in your home is being heated.Their concern arises out of frequent claims that occur when domestic water heaters fail.These failures often result in significant damage when a water heating system leaks, discharging its content into the li...

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