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The customized CAHPI soft cover, Home Reference Book is an easy to use manual with over 450 informative pages and 550 color illustrations that are simple, attractive and informative. 

Published by Carson Dunlop, the Home Reference Book is now in its 25th edition.  It is continually being refined and enhanced to make it one of the most comprehensive books used by inspectors throughout North America. 

The Home Reference Book, is used by home inspectors as a marketing tool, by Colleges and Universities for their home inspection training programs and by real estate professionals as a gift to consumers to help them understand more about their home.
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“Making the Home Reference Book Work for You"

Do you need to make a marketing impact? Need to open a door? Need to make a great first impression? Need to stand out from the crowd? We all do. The question is, "How do you make yourself unforgettable?"

Novelty giveaways are, well.... novelties. Brochures are fine, but largely ignored. When trying to make an impression, why not offer something memorable; something relevant; something of value?

The Home Reference Book is filled with 550 great colour pictures. It's easy to read and designed for the layperson, not the home inspector. It has strong visual impact, and you can customize it to represent your company. It reinforces your credibility, expertise and professionalism.

Great marketing material stands out visually and has lasting impact. The Home Reference Book is great marketing material. It has significant "Thump" value when dropped onto a desk. It has presence and substance.

It makes you look good. It makes you look authoritative. It's also a nice touch to sign the inside cover, and include your company name and phone number. Some people tuck a business card and brochure into the book as well.

You can waste a lot of money on marketing, or invest it wisely in the Home Reference Book.

What is a new relationship worth to you?

Personalize your books by attaching your business card or custom label to the blank area on the front cover. Clients will keep the book and remember your name when referring your services to family and friends.

CAHPI’s Home Reference Book is also available in e-book format.  The eBook includes built in search, bookmark and simplified navigation which makes this powerful resource even more impressive. Access the Home Reference Book through your smart phone, tablet or PC by using the Kindle App.  Please use promo code CAHPIHRB to receive 30% off your order of CAHPI's Home Reference eBook.

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Special "combo" pricing is available when you purchase both the soft cover and e-book as a set.

This book provides system-by-system coverage of 9 distinct parts of the house including Roofing, Exterior, Structure, Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Exterior, Interior and Insulation.

Below are some samples of the content from the CAHPI Home Reference Book .  Click the link to download the page.


The blue CAHPI "Home Reference Book" is an amazing success as a gift to my key Realtors. They absolutely love them!! I'm going to have to buy more. Thank you, – L Englehart, RHI, ACI

“The best home inspection reference book bar none.” – RW

“It sets me ahead of the competition. It is very well received by clients and realtors.” - RM

“The Home Reference Book is amazing, and the wealth of information provided within it is an asset that will help me maintain my property.” – T. Henderson

“I really like the Home Reference book. It is especially valuable for a first time home buyer.” – P. & S. Winter

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