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Ontario plans to regulate home inspectors this year

Ontario first started discussing plans to licence home inspectors back in 2013
Globe and Mail / Star
Alexandra Posadzki, The Canadian Press
April 4, 2016

News Release

A Closer Look:  Report on Home Inspector Qualifications in Ontario

The ministry is seeking input on a proposal for legislation that would establish mandatory qualifications for home inspectors.
December 13, 2013

Currently anyone in Ontario can call themselves a home inspector. Many consumers depend on the opinions of their home inspector to make what is often the largest purchase decision of their lifetime.

In order to improve consumer protection in this important part of the home buying process, the Ministry of Consumer Services is consulting on a panel's findings and recommendations to introduce mandatory qualifications for home inspectors.

The panel was established by the Ministry of Consumer Services and met for four months to discuss issues, consider options, and make recommendations on qualifications of home inspectors.

The panel has made thirty-five recommendations in five areas:

- regulation of home inspectors
- technical standards for home inspectors
- professional home inspector qualifications
- consumer protection requirements
- regulatory governance for Ontario's home inspection industry

The Ministry of Consumer Services is now collecting public comments on the panel's recommendations. The panel's report with the recommendations is attached here and the ministry welcomes feedback and encourages anyone interested to provide comments.

The panel's report and any public feedback the ministry receives will guide the government as it considers whether to bring forward legislation to establish qualifications for home inspectors.

Further Information:
A Closer Look - Qualifying Ontario's Home Inspectors
Public Consultation Feedback Form

Ontario Regulation

October 1, 2012 Toronto, On McGuinty Government to Consult on Minimum Qualifications for Home InspectorsOntario is taking steps to help home buyers make informed choices and protect their investment when buying a home.This fall, as part of a broader consumer protection initiative, the province will consult with home inspector associations, consumers, representatives from the real estate sector and other industry stakeholders on mandatory minimum qualifications for home inspectors.Currently, anyone can offer home inspection services in Ontario, but....  read more

AIBQ Agreement with OACIQ

July 28, 2011 Montreal, QC

The Quebec Association of Building Inspectors (AIBQ) is particularly proud to be the first association having successfully concluded with the Organisme d'autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) an agreement for the recognition of its member building inspectors. The outcome of this agreement is of great interest for all home buyers and also for real estate brokers.   News Release .

Alberta Home Inspector Regulation Home Inspection Regulation Protects Alberta Homebuyers

May 12, 2011  Services Alberta
The Alberta government will license and set standards for home inspectors under new rules to protect Albertans who rely on an inspection when buying a home.   News Release

How to find the right home inspector

Yahoo Finance Canada
Andrew Seale – Fri, 30 Sep, 2016

Inspecting the inspector - Before buying your dream home, enlist a qualified home inspector to find any problems.

If  the new series Holmes Inspection is as thorough as past seasons of Holmes on Homes, Mike will be telling viewers that choosing a qualified home inspector is critically important.  One way to choose a qualified home inspector is to ... visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation website, and once there, just type "Hiring a Home Inspector" in the search box.

Right now, everywhere except British Columbia, and Alberta who both have licensing for residental home inspectors anyone can call themselves a home inspector.  If Mike Holmes makes consumers and governments more aware of this danger, he's doing Canada a great service.  And the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors is right there with him.  To find a CAHPI member click here

Grow Ops: It's Time for One-Stop BC Registry
Vancouver Sun, January 26, 2010

Inspecting the Inspector - Mike Holmes
Ottawa Citizen, October 3, 2009

British Columbia sets standard for Canada by licensing home inspectors
Vancouver Sun  February 2009

Home Inspectors' qualifications vary - Look for RHI designation to ensure you're not getting uncertified 'cowboy'
Toronto Star, September 15, 2007

Private Home Inspection - Strong in Ontario, Strong Across Canada
RECO Summer 2007

How to Choose a Home Inspector

It's Time to Get a Grip - Winter is Coming
October 21, 2006

Inspection Standards Needed - Now
Vancouver Sun, May 23, 2006

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