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CAHPI Celebrates 40 years (1982 - 2022)

The Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors is celebrating a milestone this year - 40 years!

The association is proud to represent professional home inspectors and of how far the home inspection industry has come over the years.

Our mission will continue... advocating for Canadian homebuyers and supporting home inspectors through higher professional standards.

The federal government introduced the a Home Buyers’ Bill of Rights in Fall of 2021.  We will create a Home Buyers’ Bill of Rights so that the process of buying a home is fair, open, and transparent. This will include:

  • Banning blind bidding, which prevents bidders from knowing the bids of other prospective buyers, and ultimately drives up home prices;
  • Establishing a legal right to a home inspection to make sure that buyers have the peace of mind that their investment is sound;
  • Ensuring total transparency on the history of recent house sale prices on title searches;
  • Requiring real-estate agents to disclose to all participants in a transaction when they are involved in both sides of a potential sale;
  • Moving forward with a publicly accessible beneficial ownership registry;
  • Ensuring banks and lenders offer mortgage deferrals for up to 6 months in the event of job loss or other major life event; and
  • Requiring mortgage lenders act in your best interest so that you are fully informed of the full range of choices at your disposal, including the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive.

As part of establishing a Home Buyers’ Bill of Rights, a re-elected Liberal government will convene federal and provincial regulators to develop a national action plan to increase consumer protection and transparency in real estate transactions.

To help better protect renters, we will also stop “renovictions” by deterring unfair rent increases that fall outside of a normal change in rent. We will require landlords to disclose on their tax filing the rent they receive pre- and post-renovation, and implement a proportional surtax if the increase in rent is excessive.


Our Association is growing!
December 12, 2019

On behalf of the CAHPI Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce the amalgamation of Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada (PHPIC) with the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (CAHPI).

As the new CAHPI President, I am excited to share the news of the amalgamation of our two associations. Since fall of 2017, CAHPI has been growing its membership in a positive and progressive direction – this amalgamation will likely be the start of something big for our association!

Over the past two months, the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors board members and the Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada board members have had several meetings to explore the benefits of amalgamation. Following the December 11th CAHPI board meeting a motion to amalgamate with PHPIC was unanimous. Its official! Effective 1 January, 2020 all members of PHPIC will become members of CAHPI.

The verifiable PHPIC earned designation ‘PHPI’ will be transferred over and those in the PHPIC stream will be redirected to the CAHPI membership qualification process to complete their application process under the scrutiny of the CAHPI Certification Committee and Registrar.

The PHPIC board and membership recognized the huge potential and benefits of aligning themselves with CAHPI. Working together as a larger, National association is a win-win relationship for us all and will in turn help grow the Professional Home Inspection industry in Canada. All new members will receive member benefits such as the bi-weekly The CAHPI Inspector newsbrief, members online technical library, a listing on the CAHPI website “Find an Home Inspector“ search and will also be encouraged to attend the annual National conference to take advantage of the educational presentations, workshops and vendor offerings.

Please feel free to share this fantastic news with your fellow inspectors and please welcome all these new members with a smile.

Let’s all continue to work together!

Peter Weeks, RHI, NCH
President, CAHPI


New CAHPI Membership

October 3, 2017
Dear CAHPI Members,

At the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors, the Board of Directors passed a resolution to significantly restructure your national home inspection association.

Effective January 1, 2018, you will be a member of CAHPI!

I have a suspicion that some of you will regard that statement as a bit of non-news. After all, you’ve already been a member of CAHPI for some time, right? Actually, while you may have been a member of a CAHPI-branded provincial or regional association, you have not actually been a member of CAHPI itself. Allow me to provide some brief background.
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Lire Plus - Annonce octobre 2017

CAHPI Announces Direct Membership

July 11, 2017
With pride, the CAHPI Board of Directors takes this opportunity to introduce CAHPI – as a truly National body... as an individual inspector, you will now be a member of CAHPI.

The Association is offering a warm welcome to new members; presenting them with opportunities to advance their professional standing.CAHPI will continue to be Canada’s Voice of the Home Inspection Industry, with which to speak to Canadian home inspectors and other industry stakeholders – to further our mutual interests on a National basis.CAHPI will have a single administration with a dedicated Board of Directors and staff to positively affect nationwide professional standards and communication.The membership qualification criteria will be a single National standard for professional designations. (Existing Registered Home Inspectors (RHI)® and National Certificate Holders will retain their designations and logo use privileges).
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Lire Plus - Annonce juillet 2017

CAHPI National Adopts CSA A770 Home Inspection Standard

November 1, 2016
At the National Annual General Meeting held on October 21st, CAHPI chose to adopt the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) A770 Home Inspection Standard as the National Standard of Practice (NSOP) of the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors.Graham Clarke, P.Eng, RHI I am proud to see CAHPI positioning itself as a first adopter of a document like a National Standard of Canada. Many home inspection associations will face challenges and questions about our relevancy in the next few years as licensing laws are enacted and revised. CAHPI has positioned itself as a leader, rather than a follower, in the industry. CAHPI's leadership, exemplified by its continued participation in the development and maintenance of the Standard, has been recognized by the CSA.

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CSA Group Publishes the First National Standard on Home Inspections

March 10, 2016
CSA A770-16 Home Inspection was developed to help establish specific guidance for inspection through a single recognized standard. Inconsistency in the approach to inspections can create a risk for both consumers and home inspectors, and the lack of clear expectations for what a home inspection entails may cause increased liability for both parties. The CSA Group technical committee, comprised of a balanced representation of stakeholders including real estate agents, home inspectors, consumer protection groups, governments and others, agreed that a national standard would help provide clarity.

Press Release
Puchase A770 Standard

CAHPI Releases revised National Standards of Practice

October 2012
The National Standards of Practice are a set of guidelines for home and property inspectors to follow in the performance of their inspections. They are the most widely accepted Canadian home inspection guidelines in use, and include all the home's major systems and components. The National Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics are recognized by many related professionals as the definitive Standards for professional performance in the industry.These National Standards of Practice are being published to inform the public on the nature and scope of visual building inspections performed by home and property inspectors who are members of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI).

The purpose of the National Standards of Practice is to provide guidelines for home and property inspectors regarding both the inspection itself and the drafting of the inspection report, and to define certain terms relating to the performance of home inspections to ensure consistent interpretation

To ensure better public protection, home and property inspectors who are members of CAHPI should strive to meet these Standards and abide by the appropriate provincial/regional CAHPI Code of Ethics.

These Standards take into account that the following is a visual inspection of a building does not constitute an evaluation or a verification of compliance with building codes and Standards or regulations governing the construction industry or the health and safety industry, neither or with Standards and regulations governing insurability for the purpose of insuring risk.

 National Standards of Practice

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