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When buying a home for the first time or even the fourth time there will be questions; click the links below for valuable homebuyer resources......


The Office of Energy Efficiency (Natural Resources Canada, promotes the benefits of energy-efficient homes to Canadians, including upgrades they could make to improve comfort or possibly increase resale value of their properties. Visit their website for home upgrades and provincial incentives.
pdfHomeowner's Guide: Energy Efficiency
pdfL'efficacité énergétique: Guide du propriétaire


About radon
Find out about radon, its effects on health and Canadian exposure guidelines. Also learn how to test for radon and fix a radon problem.

Testing your home for radon
Learn about the potential health risks of radon exposure. Also learn how to reduce radon levels in your home.

Funding supports for RADON MITIGATION
Learn about funding programs that support mitigation.  The Take Action on Radon website provides valuable information on how can radon be reduced, what steps to take to reduce radon, find a mitigation professional along with funding programs.


Protect your home with flood ready fixes...
Visit the Canada Flood Ready website
Six Reasons You Need To Be Flood Ready

Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation
Home Flood Protection Check-Up

NAIMA CANADA - Residential Financial Incentives for Insulation

Whether you are insulating your home or residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial building, you may be entitled to some financial incentives to help cover the costs of the project. The incentives offered are dependent on the location of the home or building.
Are you eligible?  Click here to find out!


Buying a home can be one of the most important, life-changing decisions you will make. Getting a reliable home inspection can play a vital part in your decision-making.

A home inspection is most often used to evaluate the condition of a home before it is bought or sold. It may inform you if the home has components that are defective, damaged or unsafe.

When looking to buy a home, getting a reliable home inspection may help you avoid surprises. A complete home inspection report can help you make more informed choices about your purchase or possible repairs that need to be made. 

On this page
How to find a reliable home inspector
What to expect from your home inspection
How accessibility can effect your home inspection
What to consider before accepting a home inspection report
Introducing the national standard for home inspections


Provides information before, during and after your home purchase.

Homebuying Step by Step


With educational materials and interactive tools the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) provides objective information about financial products and services to help Canadians increase their financial knowledge and confidence in managing their personal finances. Owning a home is probably the biggest single investment you will make. With such a big investment, it is important to take the time to learn about all the aspects of owning a home before making a decision.

As a Homebuyer we have included some links that may be of interest to you.


Tips on insurance and damage prevention.  If you own a home or a business, insurance is a must. Insurance Bureau of Canada invites you visit its Home Buying Tips and  Consumer Resources webpages.  This consumer-friendly site offers blog entries with timely tips, a Twitter feed, how-to videos and advice on how to protect your home and business. Have more detailed questions? Visit www.ibc.ca for additional insurance information or email your question to Ask the Expert.


Home buying can be a daunting and complex process. But with a REALTOR® at your side, it doesn't have to be. Remember, a REALTOR® works for you and must, by law, look after your best interests. So take a few minutes and learn how a REALTOR® can help you find what you're looking for. HowRealtorsHelp.ca

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