As a professional in the business of real estate, be it a real estate agent or broker, real estate attorney, mortgage lender, insurance provider or appraiser, you understand that building harmonious business relationships with clients involves in part giving solid, reliable advice. Providing outstanding advice pays off with ...

- less fee resistance
- more repeat business
- more referrals to new clients
- and an overall feeling of satisfaction for both you and your clients

This also applies to referring professionals in other fields. Your clients are looking to you as an experienced and trusted advisor who will recommend only those who offer the best service or product.

So when it comes to referring home inspectors, it makes good business sense to seek out and recommend qualified professionals.  However, in an industry that is for the most part unregulated, this can be more difficult than it sounds.  After all, anyone can print up some business cards and call themselves a "professional" home inspector.  That's why referring only CAHPI qualified professional home inspectors is a prudent choice. Your clients deserve nothing less.

Regardless of where you do business in Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland, there is a CAHPI qualified and competent member ready to provide your clients  with a home inspection.

The benefits of referring CAHPI inspectors

  • Clients will appreciate your referral of an honest, reputable CAHPI home inspector
  • Protects your clients' best interests, which reflects well on your professional image and integrity
  • Reduces the risk of buyer's remorse due to unexpected and costly repairs after your clients move in
  • Shows your clients that you genuinely care about their well being
  • Referring CAHPI inspectors makes you look good

Put CAHPI Home Inspectors at the top of your referral list today!

CAHPI Home Inspectors are:

  • Well educated and highly trained
  • Experienced and knowledgeable
  • Communications specialists
  • Objective, honest and ethical
  • Reliable and professional
  • The best choice for your next home inspection

Find a CAHPI Home Inspector in your area.

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