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Electrical:  Part I Exterior & Part II Interior

Electrical: Part I Exterior & Part II Interior


Review the standards of practice. What we must inspect and report on. Then we will be looking at outside defects that should be caught and reported on during the inspection.


Review the safety requirements to inspect the electrical panel. Finding defects in the panel and around the house. How and why did the mouse and wasps get into the panel. What were they thinking?

Presenter: Alden Gibson, ACI, RHI, NCH
Alden has been inspecting residential and commercial properties for 29 years. Prior to that he was a custom home builder and renovator. Alden has volunteered to serve on many committees for CAHPI, ASHI, & OAHI. He has received several awards from all three associations including the Philip C. Monahon Award from ASHI. In 2015 he served as President of ASHI.

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Course contents

video Electrical: Part I Exterior (Video)
video Electrical: Part II Interior (Video)
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