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President's Message
I'm proud to announce that the 2023 CAHPI National Standards of Practice (SOP) are now available and we encourage all inspectors across Canada to incorporate this document on your websites, client correspondence and inspection reports.  READ MORE

Leveraging CAHPI's Social Media Presence
As CAHPI members, you have an opportunity to enhance your professional standing.  Access this NEW Best Practices article and others by logging into the CAHPI Member's Dashboard and selecting the CAHPI Education eLearning Portal. READ MORE

Watch the CAHPI Webinar Recordings…
Check out all the CAHPI webinar recordings on the CAHPI Education eLearning Portal. If you missed any of the 2022 or 2021 webinars or would like to watch a session again...all of the 'live' webinars have been recorded and are now available to all CAHPI members for FREE by logging into the CAHPI Member Dashboard. The recorded sessions are available to non-members for a nominal fee.

CAHPI Education Webinars

Live educational webinars are coming soon.  Check-out the schedule!

Don't Get Caught In The Cold Or The Dark!
Order your CAHPI branded LED toque today! Features ... Embroidered CAHPI name and logo; Headlight pops out of the turn-back cuff for washing; Headlight has three brightness settings; Headlight is charged with USB cable; Fabric is a thick rib knit with crown darts for a shaped fit.

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Join CAHPI today… it only takes a few minutes. First — complete the online membership application form; Second — make your payment with the online secure credit card payment option; Third — check your profile on the Find an Inspector search (profile updates can be made on the My CAHPI Dashboard membership portal). The CAHPI membership criteria is outlined on "How to become a member" webpage. CAHPI members fulfilling the CAHPI membership criteria will earn the National Certificate Holder® designation and Registered Home Inspector (RHI)® designation.

CAHPI Home & Auto Insurance Group Programs
As a valued member of CAHPI, you are eligible for special deals. Our members have now been given access to HUB's Digital Marketplace. This is an exclusive portal to a world full of discounts that it pays to explore.  The process is very simple. Click here for an online quote. It takes less than three minutes, and there is no obligation. The HUB Digital Marketplace is administered by HUB SmartCoverage and is underwritten by a number of Canadian insurance companies. | Talk to HUB 1-844-795-1530 | Email HUB | www.hubbenefits.ca/cahpi  READ HUB January Newsletter

CAHPI National Exam
The CAHPI National Exam was created for CAHPI Candidate members and non-members. The online exam can be written 24/7 and provides proctoring via video (web cam). This National exam consists of 11 sections with a total of 212 questions. Candidates require a passing score of 75% and will receive their results by email immediately upon completion. Choose from two options…. bundled includes five 'practice' exams along with the CAHPI National Exam or just the CAHPI National Exam. Register for the CAHPI National Exam today! CAHPI Candidates will access the registration form by logging into the CAHPI Member Dashboard; non-members can register on the exam web page. Bonus…receive one FREE Home Reference Book (ebook) with your exam registration! For more details…READ MORE 

Secondary Suites for Houses Design Considerations
This course will provide an understanding of the Ontario Building Code 2012 requirements for the design and construction of a secondary suite in a house.
Online Course Secondary Suites for Houses Design Considerations
Book Design and Construction Guide for Secondary Suites for Houses
Complete Pack: Secondary Suites for Houses Design Considerations including Ontario Building Code  READ MORE

Need Training… Check Out These Courses?
Check the CAHPI website for upcoming online training courses, webinars, or seminars that are offered across Canada. You can also earn CAHPI MRCs (membership renewal credits) with AEC Daily, they are the largest provider of online continuing education to the Construction, Architectural, Interior Design and Engineering community.  CAHPI MRCs are recorded on the calendar year (January 1 to December 31) choose from any of the listed programs and check the CAHPI Dashboard document library for a list of MRC activities and their value.

FREE Online Flood Risk Course for Home Inspectors
Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation
"How Home Inspectors Can Help Protect their Clients from Flooding" course is now available online across Canada through the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) and Carson Dunlop's websites. The course provides practical information for home inspectors, to help their clients address the growing threat of home flooding across the country. The course was developed as a collaborative effort between CAHPI, Carson Dunlop and the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (Intact Centre) at the University of Waterloo. This online training course is a free, 1.5-hour and self-directed…

Incorporating the Impact of Climate Change into Models Related to Housing and Housing Finance

We commissioned Prism Economics and Analysis to do a literature review of the economic modelling of climate change and how it relates to housing and housing finance. This study deepens our understanding of climate change models used to assess risks. READ MORE 

NEW Consumer Product Incident Reporting Form for Fire and Safety Authorities
Health Canada
In Canada, consumer product fires are reported at the local fire department level and generic information is often collected provincially, but product details are rarely retained or universally shared. Collecting and amalgamating specific information about consumer products, which are responsible for fires, injuries and deaths helps Health Canada to monitor safety and potentially take corrective action - such as recalling products - that might help prevent future fires.

Health Canada recently amended the Consumer Product Incident Reporting page on its website to include a new dedicated reporting form for Fire Officials and Electrical Safety Regulators. This intake form is an abbreviated version of the regular form and uses terminology more familiar to fire professionals. Thanks to this new form, fire professionals can now more easily provide information about fire incidents related to consumer products directly to Health Canada. We hope that increased reporting of fire incidents through this form will help reinforce our ability to monitor the safety of consumer products and help improve the safety of Canadians.

We invite you to become familiar with the form and encourage you to report any fires that result from consumer products though our new form. Thank you for your time and your consideration. If you have any questions, please contact

Subscribe to Consumer Product Safety News
Health Canada
Consumer Product Safety would like to invite you to subscribe to their electronic newsletter. Subscribers receive updates when new information, consumer advisories and warnings, consumer product recalls, and consultation documents regarding consumer product safety are posted on the Health Canada Web site. SUBSCRIBE

Certain Ortal TR90 and TR110 Gas Fireplaces Recalled Due To Fire Hazard
Health Canada
Improper installation of the fireplaces can lead to problems with heat release and/or ventilation, posing a fire hazard.
What to do:
Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled fireplaces and contact Ortal to arrange for a free inspection to determine if a free retrofit plate kit is required.

Westinghouse branded Current Taps with Surge Protector Recalled Due To Fire Hazard
Health Canada
Issue: The accredited certification body issued a public notice after receiving a consumer incident and identifying a risk of electrical shock. An electric short will develop when this product is connected to a wall outlet with a two-line feed, posing a risk of electrical shock and a fire hazard to the user and bystanders. Health Canada believes that this product likely poses a danger to human health or safety.
What to do: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled product and dispose of it in accordance with the applicable local transportation and waste requirements for electronic products.

Explore Careers In Energy Efficiency
Join a network of energy experts. Make money by helping others save money. Natural Resources Canada needs you to be part of Canada's green economic recovery. With the new Canada Greener Homes Grant, NRCan is recruiting more energy advisors (EAs) and service organizations (SOs). As an EA and/or SO you will help Canadian homeowners save on their energy bills.

Why Ontario should worry about worsening weather
Canadian Underwriter

Final numbers for 2022 show another year of NatCats reaching over $3 billion in insured damages (and, at $3.1 billion, the third highest total NatCat losses in Canadian history). Those figures don't just point to more insured damages losses for the industry, but rather are a signal that weather events are worsening as our climate warms, one expert suggested. READ MORE

N.L. Urges buyers to get home inspection, but province won't commit to regulating industry
CBC News
The Newfoundland and Labrador government is encouraging consumers to get a home inspection before purchasing but won't commit to oversight of the unregulated industry. There are no formal requirements to become a home inspector in most of Canada — with the exception of B.C. and Alberta. Critics say that leaves very little protection for home buyers who often rely on the results of an inspection before buying a house.

N.L. home inspector leaves unhappy customers, as advocates call for industry regulation CBC News – Nfld. & Labrador

CBC News
Bonnie Paul thought she'd found the perfect house. It had an apartment, a reliable tenant and few stairs — which would be helpful for when she retired and grew old there. Before Paul made an offer on the Mount Pearl property, she got an inspection from someone she believed was a licensed home inspector. The report noted five "critical" items that needed repair all things that Paul said were inconsequential. More important to her, the report said her roof was good for at least another decade.

'Not always effective': Ontario's auditor general releases report on RECO

Real Estate Magazine
Ontario's industry regulator is "not always effective and timely" when it comes to ensuring real estate professionals comply with laws and regulations, according to a new report from the province's auditor general. On Wednesday, Bonnie Lysyk released her annual report on the government's spending, which included detailed findings on the Real Estate Council of Ontario's (RECO) inner workings. The province's Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery oversees RECO. READ MORE 

Provincial Housing Market Outlook Home Sales and Prices Should Find Their Bottom This Year
TD Economics
Calling a bottom in housing is notoriously difficult. That said, with our forecast tracking well, we're retaining our near year-long call that Canadian home sales will bottom sometime in early 2023. The timing of the trough is consistent with the Bank of Canada's tightening cycle, which we expect to culminate with one additional modest hike (25 bps) in January.

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