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Fire Protection

The elements of construction and building design of structures relating to fire protection are empha...
$ 25.00

Plumbing: Hot Water Tanks and Tankless Hot Water Systems

Dave will be presenting what to look for in a tankless hot water system and a standard hot water tan...
$ 25.00

Basic Building Science

Why home inspectors should understand the key principles which influence housing performance and bui...
$ 25.00

Electrical: Part I Exterior & Part II Interior

Two-part webinar. Review the standards of practice. What we must inspect and report on. Review the ...
$ 50.00

Help Your Clients Reduce Risk of Water Damage

Training programs and shareable resources to help you provide your clients with basic tips to reduce...
$ 25.00

AEC Daily

AEC Daily is one of the largest providers of continuing education (CE).

Cost of Doing Business

Find out what should be charged per inspection to make money and show a profit.
$ 25.00

The Top 10 Plumbing Defects In A Home

Learn to identify basic issues and tips on assessing hidden plumbing defects.
$ 25.00

Start to Finish

Complete a home inspection from start to finish.
$ 25.00

Radon Basics

Learn the basics of Radon,where it comes from, how it enters buildings and the health effects.
$ 25.00

Getting Started

Running your home inspection business.
$ 25.00

Industry Training Courses

Check out these Industry organization's training programs.

Canadian Insurance Markets

What we are seeing/trending Hard Market vs. Soft Market 3-video series
$ 25.00

Help Protect Your Clients from Flooding

Free Online Flood Risk Course for Home Inspectors

Asbestos Information

Here are some links courtesy of Health Canada for information on Asbestos.


The eye-stick is an industrial telescopic video mounting system, that enables users to remotely view...

AFFILIATE: Carson Dunlop - Horizon Inspection Software

Horizon is the only inspection software that gives you everything you need to succeed – scheduling...

AFFILIATE: Radon Environmental

Get the fastest, most accurate Continuous Radon Monitors at special Home Inspector pricing.

AFFILIATE: HomeGauge Reporting Software

Home inspection software without per report fees.
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